What’s Up With Hapa?

For those of who don’t know what “hapa” means it is a term that refers to a person of partially Asian or Pacific Islander descent.  The origin of the word is actually from the native Hawaiian language in which hapa translates into half. Technically because I am half Filipino and half Irish, I am usually referred to as Mestiza in the Filipino culture, which also translates to somebody who is of a mixed ethnicity. The reason why I preferred the term hapa for this particular food blog is because I incorporate a lot of different Asian and European influences in my cooking, not just Filipino and Irish. For instance my husband is Japanese and Italian, so I make a lot of Japanese type dishes and a lot of Italian dishes. Plus, being in Hawaii there are tons of different Asian restaurants and markets that inspire different spices, tastes, and cooking techniques. In this blog I’ll share healthy meals, quick meals, fancy meals, and of course a few desserts here and there.  

All in all, my cooking is very arbitrary in the sense that it incorporates so many different things to make some freaking amazing meals.


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